Pferde Farm is dedicated to developing partnerships between horses and riders. WE DO NOT ACCEPT BOARD-ONLY HORSES.


11 X 12 Stall: $700 per month
12 X 14 Stall: $800 per month

Additional charges may apply for inside horses; 1/2 day horses, and/or private paddock turn-out. Inquire for more details.

Lessons & Training

Pferde Farm boarders* MUST have at least eight lessons and/or training sessions per month, per horse. Lindsay is willing to travel to different locations for lessons.

Individual Lessons

(Private 45 minute)

Your Horse: $85
Lesson Horse: $95

Lessons at Your Facility

(Minimum of 4 Private 45 minute or 2 semi-private 1 hour sessions)

Private Session: $85
Semi-Private Session: $65 per person

Monthly Training Programs, per horse*

(Training or Lessons)

8 per month: Please Inquire
12 per month: $740
16 per month: $875


Showing & Braiding


minimum of 4 horses to go to a show

$70 per day + food and hotel expense split between # of horses

*If less than 4 horses a minimum day fee will be accessed, please inquire

Braiding: $35 per braiding session



The start-up fee is split between number of horses trailered.


One Horse:

$50 start-up fee PLUS $1.25/mile

2 Horses: $50 start-up fee PLUS $1.00/mile
3 Horses: $50 start-up fee PLUS $0.85/mile
4 Horses: $50 start-up fee PLUS $0.75/mile
To the Vet:

All trailer fees apply PLUS: "wait time" - $30 per hour.

*Rates subject to change based on current fuel prices.

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